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*IMPORTANT* we are not currently running any Paintball sessions due to the continued hygiene risk with the paintball goggles.

33 years of on-site gaming means that here at Survival Paintball we've built up a wealth of hi-adrenaline games, scenarios and challenges.

We can guarantee you'll be tested to the max in the field - 20 acres of woodland to creep, crawl, run, shout, dive, duck and have a thoroughly amazing time playing Survival Paintball.

Here are a few game scenarios to whet your appetite:


The first game of the day is capture the other team's flag and take it back to your base camp, if your flag has been taken, you must recapture your flag and take it back to your base camp. There must be two flags in your base camp to win.


An alien has crash landed in the jungle and has been taken in by the jungle warriors with the alien being worshiped in their temple. The Special Forces mission is to take the Alien from the Temple and escape. Watch out for those sneaky jungle warriors as they will fight to the bitter end.


The Special Forces have taken cover in an abandoned military complex. The Special Forces have to defend themselves and await pick up by helicopter. Meanwhile the jungle warriors will be attacking the complex in order to eliminate them.

Flag up or down:

One flag pole in the centre of the village at half mast with one team to pull it down and the other team to pull it up and at the end of the game, the team that has the flag up or down accordingly, wins.

Jungle Field:

The object of the game is to Attack, defend or both. The area is very over grown, boggy, untouched woodland in order to simulate a jungle. The field of play is very challenging as it requires team work and observation skills. The mission is to shoot the other team's disc first which is situated in the enemy's base camp.

Air drop:

A military plane has flown over the woodlands and executed an ammo drop in no man's land. Both teams have been sent out into no man's land to retrieve the ammo supplies for their teams. The team with all the ammo crates in their base.

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