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You will not find a paintball site to match ours - based entirely in twenty acres of natural woodland, Survival Paintball is a truly awesome games arena where everyone can enjoy the paintball experience.

With 30 years of experience (since 1988), state of the art equipment and focus on safety means players of all ages and abilities can get on with the serious business of having fun.

We are the only paintball site in North Devon catering for up to 160 players.  We have eight woodland playing areas featuring urban area with bridges, trenches, barricades, Missile Base and even a satellite station so you will have plenty to explore in combat.

Whatever your groups age, experience or fitness level we can provide a series of games to suit your needs and guarantee a fun and memorable time.  Come and join us for the paintball session of your life...

  • Eight woodland playing areas
  • Paintball Village and Temple games arenas
  • Semi-auto inferno paintball guns on air
  • Full face safety goggles
  • 20 acres of natural woodland
  • Over 30 years experience (since 1988)
  • Freshly laundered fatigues
  • Experienced, friendly marshals
  • BBQ facilities available
  • Access to a practice firing range

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