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Compact Laminate Panels For Toilet Partitions, Phenolic HPL Lockers For Sale Online

The compact laminate is derived from a high-pressure decorative refractory panel (referred to as "HPL Board"). The hpl board is a decorative thin panel which is generally single-sided and has a thickness of 2mm or less. The Brikley compact laminate board is a thick panel which is thicker than 2.5 mm and is generally double-sided for decoration and structure. Brikley Compact Laminate sheets have superior physical properties, chemical properties and safety properties. Compared to traditional particleboard (low density board), and MDF (medium density board), it is a well-deserved high density board. It does not need to do PVD edge sealing, no need to do the surface HPL board, which not only saves a processing procedure of the processor, but also its surface and edge shape are integrated, slender and textured. As a one-piece material, it can be directly drilled, guided, edged, etc. With standard carbon steel alloy tools. It can also be cut into any desired shape by CNC equipment according to actual needs.

Compact Laminate Panels have a wide range of advantages, such as stable, long-lasting, water-resistant, moisture-resistant, heat-resistant, resistant, impact-resistant, wear-resistant and easy to clean and maintain.

Compact Laminate is suitable for indoor type: Because it is resistant to abrasion, fire, bacteria and anti-static, it is widely used in many places such as banks and airports, Toilet Partitions, and benches, school tables and chairs, and HPL Lockers.

The compact laminate is suitable for outdoor type: an outdoor Decorative HPL Board made by special technology, featuring various colors, high strength, impact resistance, UV resistance, weather resistance, anti-static, anti-fouling and easy processing. It can be widely used in outdoor spaces such as building exterior walls, outdoor furniture, outdoor facilities and signs; for the pursuit of individuality, it provides designers with a broader space for exploration.

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