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Survival laser games is an outdoors combat all weather activity; play in natural woodlands with towers, bunkers and various buildings, where you can experience the adrenaline of laser combat, the game where everyone is equal.

On arriving you are kitted out with Camo overalls and then a safety talk and how the laser guns work. The marshal will explain the game scenario and off to battle we go.

Laser game is totally safe and is great for schools, colleges and children parties, as well for adult’s party, stag, hens and ideal for corporate events.

  • Realistic sounding Hi- tech guns fire a harmless infra-red beam (similar to TV remote) to a range of 400 meters unless you have got a sniper gun at 600 meters.
  • Unlimited Ammo and lives and respawns.
  • Semi, burst fire of three shots, full auto.
  • On gun sight with a red dot.

NEW* Hypershock Lasers

We are really excited to announce that we have 4 new Hypershock laser guns! This adds a bit more excitement to the game and perfect for adult games! The hypershock laser guns are used in conjunction with our ordinary laser guns and are a completely safe electric-shock system. The pads are located on the shoulders of the player and when hit they will receive a small zap (50 volt hypershock stun) which will make your shoulders jump! To add hypershock laser guns it is an additional £5 per gun . Please call us on 01271 858279 to enquire and add onto your laser game. Ages 16+.

Booking Terms and Conditions

  • All bookings are subject to availability. Bookings can be made via our online website booking system or via telephone (01271 858279).
  • Cancellations 14 days or more before the booked event will be offered a full refund or credit note. Any cancellations 6-13 days before the booking will not be offered a full refund, however a credit note can be arranged. If cancelled 5 days before the booking no refund or credit note can be provided. On the day of the event, if part or the entire party fail to arrive, this will be deemed as cancellation with no notice, meaning no refund or credit note will be offered.
  • Be aware that to confirm your booking, a deposit or full payment is required.
  • Additional Paintball’s, BB’s and Pyrotechnics can be purchased at Survival Combat Games. Only paintballs and pyrotechnics supplied by Survival Combat Games are permitted. Anyone found to be using these from another source will be asked dispose of these items or to leave the site without a refund.
  • We accept credit/debit cards and cash.
  • All players must abide by the rules and regulations on the player disclaimer form which must be read and signed before playing.
  • All players must attend the safety briefing before the session starts.
  • All players must adhere to the directions and instructions of all staff. We reserve the right to refuse anyone to play who is deemed to be under age, unfit to play due to physical health or mental health reasons, under the influence of alcohol or drugs, aggressive and or abusive and considered to be a danger to themselves and others.
  • As an outdoor venue, we will notify the relevant bookings affected if we need to cancel the session due to weather conditions. Unless contacted by us to inform you that the site is closed due to bad weather, all sessions will take place as normal. If you choose not to play when we are fully open and operational, you will be deemed to have cancelled without notice, as per our cancellation policy.



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