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Survival laser games is an outdoors combat all weather activity; play in natural woodlands with towers, bunkers and various buildings, where you can experience the adrenaline of laser combat, the game where everyone is equal.

On arriving you are kitted out with Camo overalls and camo face paint (if you want it), then a safety talk and how the laser guns work. The marshal will explain the game scenario and off to battle we go.


Short film showing Birthday game on 11 April 2015

Posted by Survival Laser Games on Sunday, April 12, 2015

Laser game is totally safe and is great for schools, colleges and children parties, as well for adult’s party, stag, hens and ideal for corporate events.

  • Realistic sounding Hi- tech guns fire a harmless infra-red beam (similar to TV remote) to a range of 400 meters unless you have got a sniper gun at 600 meters.
  • Unlimited Ammo and lives and respawns.
  • Semi, burst fire of three shots, full auto.
  • On gun sight with a red dot.
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