Coronavirus Update June 2020

Reopening of Airsoft

We are pleased to announce that we will be reopening Survival Combat Games to Airsoft from the Sunday 5th July. Date to be confirmed for Lasers and Paintball.

Please go to our Facebook page for more details on the next Airsoft Day. 


We are limiting airsoft days to 30 players on site at any one time to ensure social distancing measures are upheld. 


Food, drink and airsoft supplies including BB's will be available to purchase but please pay by card using contactless if possible.


Please note: COVID-19 precautions will be in place around the site. Anyone showing symptoms of COVID-19 should NOT attend. Anyone that has been in contact with someone showing symptoms 7 days prior to the event should also NOT attend. We will also NOT be issuing any site goggles to players, you must bring and wear your own. 


We cannot wait to see you all again! Let's get back to having some fun again!


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